There is a world that I think in visually, and it’s built in how I use paint.” There is also a way that longtime Juxtapoz favorite, Sam Friedman, composes his paintings, the way he structures canvases together that seem disparate but create a story. For years he has explored a relation between abstraction and nature, using vivid and bold colors to mimick the beauty and almost surreal power of the natural world. But its also about paint and the act of painting as both a meditative and utilitarian act. 

For Frieze week in Los Angles, Library Street Collective have brought Friedman to LA for Composite Paintings, a new series of works that are freshly interacting with each other. Friedman cheekily refers to his “Composite Paintings” as “the recomposition of the component elements from the decomposition of the original composition.” And like nature, things regrow and regenerate themselves each season, always in flux and changing with the times and its as if Friedman has dedicated himself to mimicking both that phenomenon and his own inner phenomenon in the studio. —Evan Pricco