Like dissected James Rosenquist paintings, Swedish artist Sally Kindberg separates joy and desire onto a canvas. There is a sense of banality behind the works, like the great pop artists, giving the viewer an uneasy feeling. “Painting is about chance. There’s a lot of risk involved," she says about her work in No Rush, on view at Duve Berlin

In that sort of pop art banality there is lush execution, bright colors, bold depictions. As the gallery notes, " How do we negotiate shame? What if we like it? Pert bums in pencil skirts are encased in latex, in *Golden Ticket*. Black and slick, her lower half looks like a vessel–an ancient Greek amphora–with deviance at play. Where’s the whip? Kindberg is playing with ‘the moment before’ and anticipation and questioning why we are drawn to the excitement of not knowing. Then she makes it shiny–the glow in the work pulsates from canvas to canvas." The glow of chance, of love, of luck.