Opening nights are always more special when an artist is beaming and surrounded by well-wishers who radiate that same light. Last Thursday, June 6, the retrospective Art of Jack Malotte commenced with a Shoshone blessing that enveloped the evening with respect for the man, as well as the land that surrounds the Nevada Museum of Art. It was an evening for old and new friends who appreciate Mother Earth – and a good time!

Malotte is a comfortable man with a wicked sense of humor who loves making and sharing art, and it's evident in the sheer amount of paintings, graphics, and prints that fill the Robert Z. Hawkins Gallery. Upstairs on the rooftop, the crowd ate ice cream and played with hands-on screen printing as the Cody Blackbird Band played into a balmy Reno night. The Art of Jack Malotte shows through October 20, 2019. While you're there, don't miss Zhi Lin's moving piece on Chinese Railroad Workers in the Sierra Nevada, Helen Lundeberg's mesmerizing History of Transportation mural and check out Georgia O'Keefe's campsite (really!).

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