Ebecho Muslimova’s solo exhibition TRAPS! closes soon at Magenta Plains in NYC. Continuing on her earlier work, Muslimova presents her recurring character Fatebe in a new series of unimaginable states.

magenta plains 14448

Posed in a multitude of compromising positions, Fatebe is stretched out, laid flat and shocked into oblivion, all while ingesting or expelling different objects and fluids from one end to another. Her body is a thoroughfare for debauchery, squirming through it all with equal parts humor and licentiousness. 

magenta plains 14457

Twisted from start to finish, TRAPS! instills a sense of absurd joy, while simultaneously you think to yourself “ew.” Fatebe seems to be in high-sprits no matter her circumstance though, enduring a myriad of depraved and degrading acts, all with a big fat smile on her face. Forever in the nude, Fatebe's exhibitionism is not only political but also summons empathy on a more human-to-human level. We root for her in all states of abject failure, as we do for all our favorite down-trodden cartoon characters. Fatebe is just like us, just with less shame and more audacity and grit. 

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Stylistically speaking, Muslimova’s paintings confront not only in narrative but also in execution. Blending moments of hyperreality and op-art designs in her work captivate the eye and add dimension to her illustrative jest figure. Beguiling and fascinating to witness, Muslimova has pushed her aesthetic style to new heights in TRAPS!, achieving a new level of extra-ness, one we’re absolutely here for. Don’t miss this show in person, see it before it closes at Magenta Plains on December 18th, 2019. —Jessica Ross