Alexandra Pacula’s third solo show at Gallery Henoch in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan closes in less than a week! Don’t miss the chance to see this new body in the flesh. Her vibrant color palette and generous applications of paint make this a must see for those who love depictions of urban life.

While her previous exhibitions have focused on the New York Metropolis, this exhibition features imagery based on her recent travels to Dubai, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Alex gains access to upper floors of urban skyscrapers to shoot her reference photos. With skillfully applied thick paint she captures the distortion that occurs in night photography when the camera is slightly jostled and the lights seem to slip across the image. From her earlier work, of which one example from 2010 is shown in the back room, Alex’s technique has evolved from using huge swaths of gestural brush strokes into a much crisper presentation of detail which appears photo-realistic a few paces back from the canvas. —David Molesky

Gallery Henoch is located at 555 W 25th Street between 10 & 11th Ave. in Manhattan. Gallery hours are 10-6pm Tuesday - Sat. The last day of the exhibition is Saturday April 13th.