Over the past few years, the incredible and imaginative work of Koak has continued to attract our attention. There is a uniqueness in her female forms; moments of intimacy and contemplation, almost fairy tale-esque with bodies elegantly twisting around themselves into wondeful figurative and abstract compositions. With changes in scale and now approaching sculpture work as well, Koak recently opened Return of Feeling, a solo show at Altman Siegel in San Francisco that feels like one of her most complete bodies of work to date. 

From the gallery: A central proposal of the work is the distinguishing experience of self-touch as opposed to touch from others, which is very different. Koak describes, “The question also exists about intention, a sudden curiosity to whether we understand the touch. If our reading of it aligns with the person touching. If it’s safe. If it’s loving. A touch on our own skin is all in the feeling, a touch from another is infinite in questions.”