BEYOND THE STREETS is pleased to announce What Was, What Is, What Could Be, the first-ever solo exhibition from Los Angeles based-artist Gustavo Zermeño Jr. What Was, What Is, What Could Be offers a profound exploration of the city's myriad landscapes and communities, as envisioned through Zermeño's aspirational and immersive mural-inspired landscapes. It is a narrative journey through the heart of Los Angeles, as told by one of its most passionate storytellers.

The exhibition is a testament to Zermeño's innovative approach to art, where the act of mural painting becomes a dynamic conversation with the city and its inhabitants. This dialogue is not only a means of artistic expression but also a method for Zermeño to weave himself into the fabric of Los Angeles’ diverse neighborhoods. Through his process, he gains a deeper understanding and appreciation of the communities' unique identities and stories, further enriching his art and allowing audiences to see Los Angeles through a distinctly intimate perspective. It invites viewers to traverse the city and spirit of its communities, celebrating LA’s complex beauty, resilience, and the unifying power of art to reflect and shape an understanding of place and identity.