Back in March, Juxtapoz introduced artist Ben Spiers ahead of his milestone debut at the Avenue des Arts in LA, so we're eager to check out what he's working on for an upcoming London solo exhibition, opening on June 27th at Carl Kostyál Gallery in Mayfair. Hook and Crook consists of a new body of work curated by Spiers's student and friend, Oli Epp, another Juxtapoz featured artist.

Expanding on his recent work in LA, Spiers's new paintings often apply cubist concepts, mixing them with an obsessive rendition of certain components. Representational qualities emerge in the image, punched up with surreal, unexpected elements. Hair, skin, and perspective may be precise and realistic, though the overall composition of the work feels transcendent. Using his work as a vehicle to explore the possibilities and limitations of paint as technique and painting as a medium, Spiers creates an exciting mixture of seemingly opposing elements.

"Ben Spiers ducks and dives through the history of art, indiscriminately helping himself to hybrid abstraction and figuration. Expect to see nuns with flaming ginger pubes, testosterone-charged bulls with shiny golden bollocks, a tangled tongue twisting kiss between zany eyed lovers and more," describes curator, Oli Epp.

We also got a chance to see the two artists installing the show, which we'll get to see in person later this week. The show's opening marks the release of Ben Spiers' limited edition piece, a hybrid digital print with embossed detailing and screen-printed elements, including a localized varnish and pearlescent finish, available in an edition of 75.

Ben Spiers's "Hook and Crook" is on show at London's Carl Kostyál Gallery from June 27th through August 27th, 2019.