Los Angeles based-painter and longtime Juxtapoz featured artist, Andrew Schoultz, is set to take his worldly and historically focused works to Dubai for a new solo show, Quantum Storm Rainbow, an exceptional exhibition of works at Volery Gallery. Set against the backdrop of Dubai's vibrant art scene, this exhibition delves into the intricate interplay of weather, technology, and societal dynamics, refracted through a rich spectrum of tones and colors. The title itself encapsulates the multifaceted nature of our present world – a landscape marked by challenges yet adorned with enduring beauty and resounding hope.

Schoultz ingeniously employs the concept of "quantum," the fundamental unit of energy, to mirror the interconnected tapestry of our digital era. Amidst a world shaped by technology, human interactions mirror the energy exchanges at the quantum level. These artworks stand as vibrant reflections of our time, capturing a world immersed in a "Limitless sea of information," akin to a metaphorical "Quantum Storm.”

Nature emerges as a steadfast companion amidst the tumult, serving as a poignant reminder of our profound bond with the Earth. Amidst scenes of upheaval and intensified weather patterns, Schoultz's pieces encapsulate both the impending tempest of global warming and the myriad responses it elicits. Amidst the chaos, the artist masterfully infuses moments of tranquility, inviting us to bask in the elegance of everyday life.

Quantum Storm Rainbow urges us to navigate the turbulent currents of information and societal dissonance, fostering unity amidst the chaos. This exhibition beckons introspection on our roles as caretakers of the planet and architects of its future. Join us in celebrating this mesmerizing visual odyssey that embraces diverse perspectives, encapsulates hope, and calls for a harmonious coexistence in a world that dances between intricacy and grandeur.

Quantum Storm Rainbow Flyer 2