Earth’s Debit, a group exhibition at Public Land Gallery features the works of Paul Wackers, Cody Hoyt and Casey Bolding. The three New York-based artists hail from diverse backgrounds both geographically and culturally, each having established their own defined identity as artists while becoming reputable figures in their respective art communities.

Finding differences stylistically amongst the three is much easier than similarities, and when placed side-by-side inside a gallery each artist’s work will distinctively stand out amongst the others. Earth’s Debit showcases a collection of new enigmatic paintings by Wackers and Bolding on canvas and paper, accompanied by Hoyt’s mesmerizing clay creations.

Solar photons and ergs
in someone’s air
                                                    no smile but hands
             on the passenger side
worked up
                         to have had a career
                a brilliance so severe
another compass rose, its leavings left for dead
               At best and/ or mummified

Earth’s Debit by Bill Berkson