Paco Pomet would and couhd have got along with the Surrealists, the Dadaists, the early Disney animators, the Zap! Comix artists, or just about an era of painting that bending reality and storytelling into something beyond the realm of possibility. He's timeless, but also a bit of a nostaglic heart. In his newest solo show, Last Adventures in Hi Res that opens at Richard Heller this weekend, the Granada-based artist is honing in on comics, using his signature "looks like a found painting from the mid-20th century," with bold, enlarged cartoon aesthetics to literally grab hold of the work. It's effective as it layers meaning and whimsy to his already keen sense of humor. Channeling the legendary works of Francisco Ibáñez Talavera, who passed away last year, this show isn't so much a tribute but a reckoning that there is so much more the genre of painting and comics can do together. —Evan Pricco