Anna Valdez's works are so lush, so complete, that you just want to curl up inside the paintings and exist in them. That is always the first thing I think of when I see a new work from the Bay Area artist: I want to be right there. There are plants, rugs, animals, ceramics, vessels, paintings in paintings, hanging greenery... you name it, Valdez takes the still-life to, what the gallery calls, a "maximalist" place. 

As most artists hunkered down during the global pandemic and built new bodies of work, Valdez newest solo show, Objects of Affection, on view with Hashimoto Contemporary SF "virtually," was made in the same conditions and at times, look as if they are wishlists. It's as if she studied every inch of the room around her, honored the details, honed in on the essence of each object, and made this show. As the gallery notes, "Combining the ornamental, nods to craft and references to women in art history, each painting acknowledges Valdez’s work 'existing within an artistic lineage' and visually cites her research and fore-bearers. Each object offers autobiographical clues, allowing the viewer glimpses of artifacts and talismans." 

An Instagram live walk through of the show is scheduled for Saturday, June 20th. The artist will participate in the live stream.