Concentric circles can be mesmerizing, and in his fourth solo show with Unit London opening this weekend, Ryan Hewett explores abstract portraiture through the use of geometric elements. Simply entitled New Paintings, the exhibition features new pieces looking at figurative anatomy.

While previously using organic shapes, intuitive brush gestures and thickly textured surfaces, the painter's visual language has evolved into a more structured and polished blend of expressive sections and strict forms that create a dynamic depiction of human anatomy. Raw patches of oil paint collide with sharp geometric shapes filled with solid colors or smooth gradients. Hewett's application of color creates thick, textural layers that become sculptural, projecting the image beyond the plane for a one-on-one interview

Loyal to his signature color palette, the South African-born artist continues to explore tactile qualities through the use of knives, brushes, masking tape, and paint rollers. His new paintings mix exciting textures on the literal surface level, as he constructs unexpected but complementary elements to form familiar visuals. From classic portrait busts over full body images to abstract landscape creations, the show includes the artist's largest, most prolific work to date – Memories. In the making for twelve months, this piece forms the center point of the show, which coincides with the first anniversary of Unit London's flagship space in Hanover Square, Mayfair.

Ryan Hewett's "New Paintings" is on display at Unit London from June 20th to July 13, 2019.