It's fascinating when two artists you admire so much are placed together in the same gallery and their works take on new meanings. Two Juxtapoz favorites, Rebecca Morgan and Mark Thomas Gibson, both have a comic-book, character-based style to them, characters that seem to staddle the margins of Americana but are both humorous and satirical in their own ways. 

Mother Gallery in Beacon, NY is pleased to present the two-person exhibition, Neither Devils Nor Divines, with work by Morgan and Gibson. Included in the show are new large scale drawings by Gibson and drawings, paintings, and ceramics by Morgan. The show will run through 13 October 2019.

As the gallery notes, "Mark Thomas Gibson and Rebecca Morgan are two American artists who employ the language of comics and graphic novels to explore the representation of otherness in the United States. Together we pause to look beyond polarizing narratives, into forgotten histories, and towards a new perspective. To that end, we borrow the title of this exhibition from a line in a poem that flew to space on the Orion spacecraft, 'A Brave And Startling Truth,' by Maya Angelou."