Our friends from ThisIsColossal.com recently joined forces with Sugarlift art advisory for Mother & Child Vol. II, a one-night-only group exhibition-fundraiser that took place last Monday, July 15th.

Moved by the humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border, organizers reached out to artists for donations to help raise funds for three non-profit groups providing direct assistance and legal defense for families and children affected by the situation. The creative community showed empathy and generosity, as always, so the show quickly added works from the likes of FAITH 47, Collin van der Sluijs, Icy & Sot, Seth Globepainter, Ali Cavanaugh, Swoon, Pixel Pancho, Guno Park, Kristin Texeira, London Kaye, Shana Levenson, Tiffany Bozic, David de la Mano, Jess X. Snow, Klone, Anna Park, Dina Brodsky, Nicolas V Sanchez, Mark Powell, and many more.

With three-fourths of the show selling out on opening night, the project raised over $15,000, which will be split evenly between Kids in Need of Defense, The Young Center, and The Florence Project. More art is still available via their online store. ––Sasha Bogojev

Show images © Paul-Emile Cendron