When the pandemic began, one of the first artists I thought of was Daehyun Kim, aka Moonassi. His work over the years felt like a futuristic vision of selfhood, a sense of challenging identity, time and space, that felt vital in the the midst of global uncertainty. There is beauty here. In his new show, his second at Seoul's Everyday Moonday, Kim is elegant in his introspection, showcasing characters in secret conversations and solitary discovery. —Evan Pricco

As the gallery notes, "In his works, you feel the dichotomies of ‘joy and weariness’ of the pure white space in the negative space and the ‘confusion within silence’ in the pitch dark space. The countless strokes in all of these contradictions are the stories of our lives. Like the vast amount of strokes, we constantly discover each other. These discoveries shape into a voluminous shape building ‘our lives’ or ‘smim’ of each other."