Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Private Party, the gallery's debut solo exhibition with Los Angeles-based artist Michael McGregor. Each effervescent work is a snapshot examining celebration, excess and glamour.

Energetic and blithe marks in vivid oil stick and pastel render scenes of the aftermath of hedonistic parties, consumed feasts and decadent interiors. Drawing from the frenetic gestures and saturated color palette of Fauvism, McGregor’s scenes are simultaneously contemporary and timeless. Strewn amongst the dripping candlesticks, ashtrays and empty wineglasses, the viewer will find a stereo, mixtapes and fast food containers.

McGregor describes his approach to still life painting as “al dente” favoring loosely rendered and wild depictions in stark contrast with more traditional European still life painting. The mystery of suggestion in both subject matter and mark-making blend harmoniously in riotous tablescapes hinting at a rowdy dinner, a hotel bedside table with the remnants of the evening prior or a room service tray left in the hall laden with the morning after’s breakfast in bed. With each work and stroke the artist invites you in to his Private Party.