Mirus Gallery San Francisco is pleased to present FAULT_TOLERANCE, a solo exhibition by artist Łukasz Habiera Nawer. FAULT_TOLERANCE opens October 7th, with a VIP/Press Opening 6-7 PM then opening reception from 7-10 pm. The exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through December 9th.

Armed with his arsenal of spray paints and a steady hand, Nawer makes a return to the US in his newest solo exhibition, FAULT_TOLERANCE hosted by Mirus Gallery San Francisco. Whether it's installing multimedia installations, massive murals, or in the studio working on canvases, Nawer has been doing it all. FAULT_TOLERANCE will be the newest installation on his record, showcasing all of the skills and evolutions of his style leading up to the present. Featuring his clean lines work and 2 dimensional shapes and angles to create the illusion of 3d elements, the Polish artist delivers sharp and precise pieces. Nawer has explored many alternative designs, from pixelated abstractions, to hand-made analog glitches, to his origins in painting the 3D world around him. The works have their own code, coloring and rhythm. FAULT_TOLERANCE features an assemblage of sharp geometric lines and vibrant abstract expressions to produce a bright and futuristic aesthetic. A collection of vibrant colors, such as blue, orange, and purple, decorates the canvases as Nawer’s signature geometric styling and abstract expressions resembles images of light refraction and color exposure.

Architect, designer, street artist, graduate of Architecture and Urbanism program in Krakow. Nawer has been involved with street art since the mid 90's. In 2003, he began to devote time between painting and freelancing in interior design. His creativity stems toward isometric graphics as extant of public and functional spaces. Interior spatiality is described as a blend of objects within space, while painting by perspective and axonometry using aerosol as a main medium. The combination of these two approaches allows a fresh take on the design of arrangement and creativity of an interior space. As his own style evolves, the goal is to always strive forward in an effort to connect painting with architecture.