With the re-emergence of the still-life painting, there has been a fantastic movement of artists working within and around the classical style but with new contemporary ideas. Andy Dixon is one of the painters on the top of our list in working with these environments, and his latest solo show, Look at This Stuff Isn't It Neat, is an expansive look at rooms of extravagance and wealth, decadence and a re-interpretation of the history of art.

 Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to announce Andy Dixon’s inaugural solo exhibition with the gallery, Look at This Stuff Isn’t It Neat. The Los Angeles based artist “explores themes of decadence, patronage, and the relationship between art and wealth.” Look at This Stuff Isn’t It Neat opens on February 28, 2019 and will remain on view through March 30, 2019. The artist will attend the opening reception.

From the gallery: "For this exhibition, Dixon pulls imagery from a wide range of sources, including Christie’s Instagram account, designer shopping websites, and the history of art, especially attracted to works of art that reflect desire, such as François Boucher’s 1764 Allegory of Music and Jeff Koons’ 1990 Made in Heaven. Dixon’s affinity for appropriation can be traced back to his days as an experimental electronic musician. From 2003 to 2012, Dixon made experimental music under the alias Secret Mommy, which sampled cut up audio recordings, noises, and glitch-based audio media."