"The duality of our existence goes beyond a binary perspective," Filipina American painter Lindsey Cuenca Walker says of her new show, Versions, on view at Stephanie Chefas in Portland. "Duality transcends our expectation, it makes us believe what it wants us to. Seeing two iterations of the same thing brings light to the realization that a multitude of iterations still exist beyond what is in view, and what is in view may not even be what is intended to be seen. What shape is a flower actually, or a leaf, a cup, a figure waving hello? What color do you see when you think of a shadow? What color do you want to see? Were you right? Our perception of duality is challenged by our reality; translucency and reflection stimulate our creativity and frustrate that old grump we call logic. Am I seeing double or is there supposed to be two? Is one receding into the distance or is it getting later in the day? Pour me another drink and let’s forget about it. Life is too short to worry but it's long enough to take our time and enjoy the moment, hard lines are for suckers and reality is a losing game. I'll be here soaking it in, dreaming in mid-day of a reality I saw in a painting once."