San Francisco's Hashimoto Contemporary kicks off the new year with Lately, a group exhibition surveying contemporary representational painting and drawing. sampling fluid, abstract mark-making and tightly rendered detail, each artist brings a fresh point of view and personal take on realism with their subjects.

David Heo It Gnaws Deep 2019
It Gnaws Deep, David Heo

Featuring 13 artists from around the world, Lately offers a cross-section of artists on the Hashimoto radar, from gallery stalwarts developing new bodies of work to fresh faces making their Sutter Street debut, each artist contributes a unique approach to illustrating their version of verisimilitude.

Each simulacrum imparts an artist perspective and practice upon the imagery, from Joel Daniel Phillips's retelling WWII stories of nuclear testing, via historical photographs, to Martine Johanna’s tenuous and surreal figure, to the censorial pixelation of Jessica Hess's architectural landscape. Various media and styles abound, including the relaxed, care-free figures in Jeffrey Cheung’s oil pastels, the flattened, stylized party scenes in Chelsea Wong’s watercolors, as well as the sensitive, allegorical paintings of Nadia Waheed. As the title suggests, the exhibition is a collection of artists whose work that Hashimoto Contemporary has been contemplating lately.

Jessica Hess Static Interference med
Static Interference, Jessica Hess

Participating artists also include Brett Amory, Rune Christensen, David Heo, Celia Jacobs, Jeremie Marie, John Wentz, and Woodrow White.

Lately opens at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco on Saturday, January 11, 2020, with an opening reception from 6 to 9 pm, and is on view through February 1, 2020.