Richard Heller Gallery is pleased to present, All or Nothing, Laure Mary-Couégnias' second solo exhibition at the gallery. In this exhibition Mary-Couégnias presents an array of her now familiar motifs while also introducing some new elements and unexpected surprises. The artist imagines a world in which no humans are portrayed, yet their artifacts and trace elements are always present. In many of her highly-staged theatrical works, the action is implied or “off camera.” In other instances, time is frozen in mid-action, like an isolated still from a movie scene forever longing for the denouement. In an early interview between myself and Laure the artist stated, “The surrealist landscapes I represent are meant to evoke a peaceful atmosphere. There is a lot of back and forth between the real and the unreal, so that ambiguity is created and we are constantly in between."

Read our interview with the artist from the Fall 2022 Quarterly here