Seasons LA is pleased to present Kuo Yen Fu: GAME, the Taiwanese artist’s first solo exhibition in the United States. GAME is a show of paintings devoted entirely to sport. From basketball to boxing, and from track and field to rugby, Kuo Yen Fu’s action-packed works capture the thrill, the excitement, and the uncertainties of athletic competition. Expressing the intensity and rhythm of sportsmanship with a bright color palette and an energized fluidity in his approach to the gestural language of each canvas, Kuo Yen Fu’s dynamic and chaotic vision is precisely balanced on the pictorial plane of his paintings. 

As if quick snapshots, his compositions focus on capturing specific moments of action and exposure: limbs twisted, fingers pressed against a shot put, bodies intertwined. The strain of exertion in the faces of Kuo Yen Fu’s sportsmen is just as immediate as the expressions of sadness or joy momentarily exposed in these heroes’ pursuit of excellence. GAME revels in the passion of human struggle, commemorating the unstoppable champions of the court, the field, and the ring.