Our friends at “MEET ___ PROJECT” by AllRightsReserved introduces a new solo show by emerging Japanese artist, Kotao Tomozawa, who garnered attention for her distinctive hyper-realistic paintings, to present her 1st solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Titled Slime, the two-week art exhibition showcases a superlative compilation of the artist’s brand-new oil paintings and sculptural artwork.

Born in Bordeaux, France. KOTAO’s distinctive portraits combine slimy substances with organic motifs, capturing the textures, translucency, and softness in a realistic yet minimalist style, the "SLIME" exhibition showcases KOTAO’s latest works with a profound exploration of her sensational aesthetics. This exhibition invites spectators to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing world of the artist.

KOTAO’s creative practice is always experimental. The artist recalls one time when she put slime onto her face without intending to, and she experienced a sense of inner peace throughout her body and mind, even though her nostrils were blocked. Slime has no practical functions and constantly sways without maintaining a fixed form, much like the most intrinsic form of humanity. This leaves viewers with a strong sensation of the unusual. The artist's distinctive portraits often feature her childhood doll, Ruki Chan, who played a dual role as both a childhood companion and a test subject for the slime experimentation. Ruki Chan shows significance to the work of slime  and is intertwined with KOTAO's creative concept of being a primitive human.

Continuing the creative concept of KOTAO’s childhood companion, AllRightsReserved has teamed up with the artist to present her first-ever bronze sculpture “Ruki Chan II” with a limited-edition of 10. The sculpture began for online drawing on DDTStore.com on 10 July until 12 July.