"If there's only one thing that the old guard of sign painters can leave us with it's that you should do your best job on every piece of work that comes your way. Not only are you being trusted to create something that represents someone and their business in the best way possible, you also owe that pride to everyone who's come before you and held that code."

Legendary Bay Area sign painter Ken Davis opens his latest solo show at Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose, California. In Passing Through, Davis conceptualized new work while painting signs on the roads all around the western United States. Though more figurative than previous work, Davis aptly describes it "non-signs created with traditional sign painting mediums."

Meet Ken at the opening reception of Passing Through from 7 to 11 pm (free admission & all ages). The gallery will also be hosting special performances entitled 7 Intuitions 3 by Patrick Murch and J.M. Borer.