On the 26th of May, Javier Calleja will be opening a new solo show at the Galerie Zink in Germany entitled Clouds Through the Window, following the success of last year's Fake is the Future. Directly inspired by the new space and location of the gallery in the German countryside, the title is once again presenting the Spanish artist's unique sense for constructing fascinating installations when presenting his studio work.

Working with the gallery for more than five years, the artist we've featured in our Winter 2019 issue is creating an installation that recalls the iconic Wonder Rooms or Cabinets of Curiosities. Making a connection between his contemporary imagery dominated by recognizable big-eyed characters and the romantic times of world exploration and new discoveries, Calleja manages to add the timeless feel to his playful work. Presented in a densely arranged salon-style display, the 15 canvases and 2 drawings take over the gallery's spacious new venue, with some exceeding 2 meters in height.

Now collaborating with a fellow citizen, carver, and artisan, Manuel Molina, the new pieces are framed in solid, custom-built wooden frames. Accenting the installation, these oversized mounts add to the impact of the individual works and are a continuation of the artist's ongoing play with scale and perspective. By using recurrent visual elements, such as the clouds of his early works, Calleja manages to blend his work with the outdoor vista, once again placing the spectator as an essential part of the presentation in the middle of it all.