When Justin Lovato named his newest body of work Monad, on view at The Chambers Project starting on May 20th, he was thinking 500 years ago while creating paintings that look like they came from the future. The Monad is a late renaissance era alchemical symbol that represents the ineffable source that emanates the cosmos. Influenced by Alchemy and Mysticism, and visionary thinkers like William Blake, Lovato’s work is also philosophical in nature, trying to convey a message that is deeply personal yet universal. Hence why we have Monad

Justin’s work contains a radiating luminosity with multidimensional patterns that land the viewer on the other side of what we know as perceived reality. It speaks to a more mystical and insightful realm where everyday life and objects are unveiled in a divine way. His use of pattern and color are vehicles for transporting the viewer across vortexes that pierce the very fabric of life – all through a delicate motif of perfectly still, yet rapidly moving cumulus clouds spiraling out on a lattice of geometric shapes. 

“Justin has had an undeniable impact on the local arts community since painting the 'Grass Valley' mural in 2017," Brian Chambers said. "Although this is our fifth show together in the last decade, it is his first in our new space. Monad is a major step forward in his development as an artist and we are very excited to unveil this new body of work."