Further reinventing and exploring the recurring imagery of his series Night Car, NY-based artist Eliot Greenwald will be showing a new body of mostly small scale paintings through Taymour Grahne Projects. The concept that was originally introduced this summer with a solo show and book release at Hesse Flatow in NYC, is continuing with a slight shift from the previous body of work.

The online-only presentation, titled In Fact, will include 12 new pieces, mostly acrylics on canvas along with a few crayons on paper, which are presenting a new approach to Greenwald’s personal narrative. With a point of view slightly shifted towards the subjects that are inside of a car that moves through sci-fi landscapes under the gaze of two identical planets, the artist is discovering new ways to play with the beams of light that the vehicle is casting on the surrounding. The intricate brushwork and an unusual color palette are applied for the construction of a distinctive atmosphere as well as rich surfaces of the locations that the car encounters on his psychedelic, interstellar journey. These surfaces are now successfully rendering everything from rocks, over cloudy skies, to grass and tree leaves, all of which are often reflecting on the car's body. The expression "in fact" implies a sudden understanding and a fundamental change in perception, hence connects well with this reexamination and realization of the new possibilities for the concept.

More frequently moving away from the strict symmetric composition, Greenwald is experimenting with the angles in which the light is illuminating its surrounding, creating surreal scenery which certainly feels like a pleasant getaway from the current life routine. It's important to mention that the oddity of the scenes depicted is certainly emphasized by the unusual format and stretching the artist has developed. This unusual format places each scene of this ongoing story inside an uneven, rounded rectangle, seemingly floats above the wall surface, evoking the effect of a cartoon-like dream bubble and taking his work away from the rules of logic and/or common sense. —Sasha Bogojev

Coinciding with this presentation Greenwald is currently taking part in a group exhibition at Padre Gallery in NYC, and will be part of a two-person presentation through Future Fair curated by Andrew Sendor, as well as a group show at Harper's Books in NYC, followed by a solo show at the same space in January 2021.