IMON BOY likes to make a play of it all. His graffiti and the tales he tells around his studio practice have a theatrical, absurd, almost fantastical quality to it. He speaks of times with friends, with the police, on the streets paintings, as if they are all the same conversational exploration of playful interactions. Life is his video game, and the way he paints it, you want to follow along. 

The Spanish painter's newest solo show, We Have It All, his debut solo show in Asia and hosted in Hong Kong by AISHONANZUKA, is the same type of fantasy and folklore of his past works but in an almost Endless, Lost Summer storyline. The show is about the people and things that come and go throughout his life, from the place he lives, and the end of the holiday season that he has lived through his entire life. As he says, "People come and go, just as water flows in and out as tides." Maybe the best way to start off 2024, really. —Evan Pricco