The exhibition I'm Stepping High, I'm Drifting, and There I Go Leaping at Xiao Museum of Contemporary Art features 65 works by 49 female and gender-nonconforming artists around the world. Collectively, their practices seek to explore new visual languages and expand the boundaries of the representation of individual and shared experiences, particularly those made complex by gendered perspectives and historical projections. Focusing primarily on the medium of painting and works made in the past five years, the exhibition functions as a survey and an overview of recent activities and experiments in this expansive field.

Participating Artists: Joeun Kim Aatchim, Christine Ay Tjoe, Sarah Ball, Yael Bartana, Anastasia Bay, Zoé Blue M., Louise Bonnet, Carol Bove, Katherine Bradford, Theresa Chromati, Emma Cousin, 崔洁(Cui Jie), Mira Dancy, Jadé Fadojutimi, María Fragoso, Vivian Greven, 关小(Guan Xiao), 韩冰(Han Bing), Angela Heisch, Loie Hollowell, Brook Hsu, Allison Katz, Arghavan Khosravi, Leelee Kimmel, Koak, Barbara Kruger, Yayoi Kusama, Aubrey Levinthal, Taus Makacheva, Jesse Mockrin, Ebecho Muslimova, Tammy Nguyen, Katja Novitskova, Veronika Pausova, Hilary Pecis, Amalia Pica, Christina Quarles, Dana Schutz, Marina Perez Simão, Avery Singer, Sarah Slappey, Emily Mae Smith, Amanda Wall, 王裕言(Wang Yuyan), 王茜瑶(Wang Xiyao), Issy Wood, 孙一钿(Sun Yitian), 张子飘(Zhang Zipiao), 志韦(Zhi Wei)