Superchief Gallery LA presents WORK.SHOP, a special duo exhibition featuring collaborative, abstract paintings by Hoxxoh and RISK. The work was made in an overnight marathon session in early 2019, along with Hoxxoh's newest incarnation from his Rainbird series consisting of unique paint-spraying pressurized sprinklers. Opening August 17th, from 7 to 11 pm, in addition to our third and final Issue Release Party of the Summer!


Douglas Hoekzema, aka Hoxxoh creates a different way of viewing time through exploring its natural fabric. His work creates a new approach to evaluating and appreciating time; the oscillation of the pendulum paints time through gravity’s natural pull, expressing how we can be pulled in one direction, when we are really meant to be going in another. How resistance creates a struggle and a false sense of control. Where, if we follow the natural flow of times predetermined, yet unseen path, an experience of beauty and pure form will take shape.

In 1983, RISK was the first to write on highway overpasses and train cars, bringing graffiti to LA and proliferating the art form. Pioneering crews such as West Coast Artists (WCA) and Mad Society Kings (MSK), RISK moved onto painting for Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bad Religion, Blink 182, and Playboy, among many others. With a extensive history creating art, RISK defines what it means to be a fluid and dynamic artist.

Join us on August 17th, as Superchief LA hosts an unforgettable "workshop" with the two artists.