pt.2 Gallery presents How You Carry Yourself, a solo exhibition by Molly Bounds opening Saturday, July 13th. 

Picture a horse. What color is it? Draw a circle around yourself. What are you like at functions and parties? When you are completely alone, are you different? How tall is your ladder? Make a list of your wants and needs. How big is the Field? Is the grass green? What do you think of spending time with yourself? Feel your skin, this is your boundary. What is the surface like? Is it smooth? Transparent? Can you feel what is and is not you?

In her upcoming show, How You Carry Yourself, Molly Bounds examines self-help rhetoric with as much skepticism as dire necessity. Through psychological portraiture and exaggerated gestures, her figures drag themselves begrudgingly through the process of a personalized 12-step program. Paths to recovering a sense of intuition, motivation, and confidence are laid out in a progression of postures and sprawls. In varied states of growth and regression, subjects appear withdrawn, or even, catatonic as they face the arduous task of getting to know themselves.

Born in 1990, Molly Bounds is a Denver-born artist, who highlights the complexity of inner dialogue surrounding notions of possibility and limitation. Highly influenced by narrative and sequential art, Bounds correlates the training of doubt with the scope of one’s own capabilities. Within visions of suspended motion and contemplative pause, stills from a subdued life reveal internal conflict, urgency, complacency, and fleeting opportunity. Providing a glimpse into a multi-layered narrative, we are reminded the common ground of experience that is often shared between us; longing, regret, and far less realized, the agency to determine our future.

How You Carry Yourself opens this weekend, July 13th, with an opening reception from 12 to 10 pm, and will be on view through August 2nd, 2019.