Chefas Projects is delighted to present Gardens, an inaugural solo exhibit by Portland-based painter Holly Osborne. Osborn’s work illustrates a captivating blend of precise detail and the colorist abstract, creating ethereal landscapes that exude a sense of mystery.

In her latest collection of work, Osborne explores different types of scenery found in various locations, including the wild countryside of Portugal, the formal vistas of France, and the spontaneous arrangements encountered during walks in North Portland. Through her exploration, she aims to underscore the diverse cultural and natural aesthetics across regions, celebrating the beauty and individuality of each setting.

Osborne's creative process is fluid and improvisational, with the finished paintings reflecting a combination of intentional planning and spontaneous expression. She embraces the unforeseen marks and colors that emerge during the painting process, allowing room for abstraction while still holding onto her original vision for each piece.

”What I choose to present as a finished painting is intentional. How I got there is sometimes unintentional,” states Osborne. “A finished work typically is made of both parts. I can plan, plan, plan, for a painting but once I’m in it, applying the paint, new things come into play. The way I find excitement in painting is allowing room for abstraction and understanding what the piece needs. Sometimes I will mix color right on the canvas and leave some of the marks made. There are so many beautiful unforeseen and unplanned marks that can happen when I am not trying to control the painting too much. That said, I always start with an original vision. Each and every painting is just a new exploration. I’d like to give the viewer different experiences in a singular work.”

As an Oregon native currently residing in Portland, Osborne brings a depth of connection to the landscapes she portrays. Her educational background includes a Master's of Art Education from Portland State University and a Bachelor's of Science, also from PSU.