We have been keeping a good track of Guy Yanai's recent shows, so we thought we should let you know that North Carolina's SOCO Gallery is currently running the final week of his current solo show, Sentimental Spring. As the debut exhibition with the Tel Aviv-based artist, the gallery presents a selection of his most recognized type of works, including a series of smaller canvases.

Most recognizable for unique textures that reduce the artist's painterly practice into a series of decisive linear brush strokes, Yanai's works depict recurring motifs of plants, sailboats, and simple landscapes. The artist patches vibrant lines and squares using thick layers of oil to create pixelated representations of the desired motif. This distinctive technique captures the artist's residue paint lines on the edges of a stroke that play with his focus on the painting process.

Capturing depth, perspective, and light effects in a most simplistic yet readable way, Yanai's colorful images create a strong presence due to their unique architecture. Often creating somewhat of a visual glitch, Yanai regularly shows the need to take unexpected liberty, further expanding to broken horizon lines and slightly off-center compositions. Yanai is the co-founder of a publishing house Yundler Brondino Verlag, and is currently working on a collaboration with Hermes. His next solo show opening in September in NYC.

Photo credit by Lydia Bittner-Baird