Fall 2018 cover artist Grace Weaver seamlessly makes her work look timeless and contemporary. There is something so intoxicating about her paintings, whether wafting a whisper, a party scene or a quiet walk in the city, as time blurs and colors hypnotize. Weaver’s solo show at the Kunstpalais in Erlangen, Germany, which features both oil paintings and charcoal drawings, has both an intimacy and a universality that captures a mood of young adulthood and human connection.

“I think that painting’s real struggle is to figure out how a centuries-old medium can say something about the current moment,” Weaver told Juxtapoz last year. “The truly great artists hold those two poles in balance.” One of the distinct features of the Kunstpalais exhibition will be Weaver’s return to oil painting after a period of time working solely in acrylics, a shift that embraces warmer and more subtle colors. The museum will be presenting the large-scale works and charcoal drawings in conjunction with an entirely new series of smaller shoe paintings, a sort of mesmerizing view into the “psychology of her figures.” The works elicit questions: Where are the figures going? Where have they been? The alluring mystery of the pieces gives the viewer pause, but creates narratives that meander off each canvas.

Coinciding with the exhibition at the Kunstpalais will be a solo show at the Oldenburger Kunstverein, Germany, as well as with a substantial exhibition catalog in the fall.