"I am inspired by children’s books. I love that words and images can play off each other in a way that can be simple yet lovely, clever, and rich in meaning," says Trisha Inouye, one half of the husband-wife duo (with Darren) that makes up Giorgiko. Their new solo show, What Is (and what is not), will open at Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles on April 3, 2021, a culmination of work that is "a result of the 2020 apocalypse." 

As Thinkspace notes, "A perfect pairing, Trisha brings a cuteness and sweet innocence to Giorgiko’s characters while Darren incorporates an underground influence stemming from his love of hip hop dancing and graffiti. Together, blending and juxtaposing street and cute, they create the Giorgiko universe, full of relatable images for wanderers of all ages."