It feels like time is a blur, and the art should reflect the times. Months, weeks, days... they all continue to take on new meaning as the pandemic has ebbed and flowed, and we don't seem to look at the clock in the same way. So to call a two-person showcase Blur Mode seems ideal for these times, which is exactly what GR Gallery in NYC has done with their new dual show of works by Geoffrey Bouillot and Mark Posey

Blur Mode aims to exhibit the creative output of these exceptionally gifted artists that, through a common passion for imaginary still-life and landscape, specific aspects of nowadays latest life practice, a unique color palette and a hint of surreal perception, reinterpret the contemporary culture in two peculiar ways. This exhibition, esthetically characterized by Mark vibrant, bright and bewitching style, and Geoffrey’s more gloom, contemplative and immersed approach, starts a discussion around contemporary topics such as, cultural isolation, self-referential artistic approach, aesthetic demystification, technical virtuosity and psychological conflicts.