Mirus Gallery San Francisco is​ pleased to present the solo exhibition of ​Seleka Muñoz​, ​Fruta del Tiempo.​ Opening reception will be Friday, October 30th 7- 10 pm, the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through Dec 4th, 2020.

Muñoz’s ​Fruta del Tiempo​ aims to invoke these same visceral, synesthetic responses. A series first initiated in Mexico – a site, much like the artist’s birthplace and home Andalucía, in which the landscape, the gastronomy, the produce, the people, all resonate with this natural vivacity – the title itself appeals directly toward the physical sensations that these natural delicacies can bring, the intense sweetness that both powers up your endorphins and cuts you like a knife. Working on a full exhibition series of works for the first time however (he previously having had the graffiti artist’s urgency toward the constantly new), here Muñoz thus delivers a group of abstract works that recreate the tangible experience of freshness, the immediacy, the balance of the finest ​fruta del tiempo,​ within their very material, visual form.

Yet Muñoz’s works not only signal toward the formal qualities of ​fruta del tiempo​, their colours, their flavour, their bite. Rather, they are as much about process as final image, an attempt by the artist to recreate the bodily experience of taste within the flow and act of painting itself. Like the graffiti output so key to Muñoz’s contemporary practice, what is key here is hence a gestural performance containing the same raw, crisp, natural energy of the eponymous ​fruta del tiempo:​ Produced without additives or preservatives. Unprocessed and organic. Fresh and ready to eat. —Rafael Schacter