For an electic and diverse spring showcase, albertz benda in NYC just opened Fragmented Bodies, "a group exhibition examining the ways in which the accelerated visual culture of the past five decades has influenced depictions of the human form." The line-up is stellar, with 3 former and recent Juxtapoz cover artists in the show: Timothy Curtis, Grace Weaver and Robin F Williams

The immediacy of information afforded by new technologies and the proliferation of social media simultaneously promote connectivity and fragmentation; it is possible to peer into the lives of others for a brief moment or in continuous streams. Images presented as self-narrativization are consumed, analyzed, and reinterpreted, blurring boundaries between private and public.

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Living and working within this context, the artists in this exhibition have created pieces that reflect both fluid and fractured aspects of identity. By manipulating and recontextualizing the body among continuously evolving personal and cultural symbols, previously unrepresented subjects emerge from the familiar outlines of the human form.

Artists included are Farley Aguilar, Del Kathryn Barton, Margot Bergman, Sharif Bey, Louise Bonnet, Gabriella Boyd, Coady Brown, Judy Chicago, Jaclyn Conley, Timothy Curtis, Jane Dickson, Christina Forrer, Natalie Frank, Tsibi Geva, Michael Hilsman, Dorothy Iannone, Niki Johnson, Kiki Kogelnik, Doron Langberg, Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski, Christopher Myers, Rashaad Newsome, Gladys Nilsson, Anna Park, Patrick Quarm, Kelly Reemtsen, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Dennis Scholl, Joan Semmel, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Stephen Towns, Grace Weaver, Darryl Westly, Robin F Williams, Jason Bard Yarmosky, Allison Zuckerman