Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Fields of View, a three-person exhibition featuring new works by Madeleine Tonzi, Adrian Kay Wong and Madi. Each artists’ paintings balance distilled, graphic imagery with soft, intimate moments - both real and imagined.

Madeleine Tonzi’s dusky toned landscapes evoke the first blush of sunrise on a desert road, a fleeting memory from a dream or a moonrise on a distant planet. The Oakland-based painter depicts celestial scenes capturing the emotive experience of a memory or experience. Abstracted vistas intermingle with surreal rock and architectural forms to create soothing and surreal compositions.

Los Angeles-based painter Adrian Kay Wong “explores the subtleties of the ordinary, overlooked, and often missed” moments in everyday life. Wong’s meticulous distillation of familiar, intimate scenes creates abstraction through form and spacial perspective. Edges of books and street curbs become monolithic mountains, while shadows cascade down stair edges to become flowing rivers, giving the meditative scenes a monumental importance.

The poetic paintings of Lisbon-based Madi are a flowing connection between the everyday and extraordinary. In turns bold and fluid, her works serve as a stream of consciousness depicting collaged experiences, memories and moments. Each emotive canvas offers insights into the artist’s sun soaked studio and inner universe.

Each of the artists featured in Fields of View offers an intimate glimpse of their personal narratives, inviting the viewer to decipher and bring their own perspective to each painting.

Hashimoto Contemporary 2754 S. La Cienega Blvd. Suite B - Los Angeles, CA