M+B is pleased to present Listening Arm, featuring new works by Eliot Greenwald, marking the artist's third presentation with the gallery. The exhibition opens December 2 and will run through January 13, 2024, with an opening reception on Saturday, December 2 from 6 to 8pm.

Listening Arm delves into Eliot Greenwald's richly envisioned terrains, adorned with organic shapes and archetypal symbols. Viewers are guided across verdant worlds, accompanying a lone night car as it navigates spaces which oscillate between familiar and improbable. For his latest show centered around his Night Car series, Greenwald amplifies and refines his visual language yet again, further evolving a narrative that explores elements of foundational and theoretical sciences along with channeling the deep-seated dualities of the psyche.

Greenwald works through serial variations of form and color, probing how simple changes in hue, lighting, and shape alter perception. Each work unfolds with a richness of detail and Greenwald's intentional play with intense color and thick application of impasto with oil stick and paint creates a vibrant, almost hallucinatory effect. The paintings exhibit a luminous quality, giving the impression of light filtering through dense foliage or the glow of a phenomenon which evades a tidy explanation. These elements provide an experience that transcends the visual to become a tactile journey through a collective sensory world. 

The exhibition also introduces a significant new work on paper, sharing the exhibition's title, Listening Arm, which offers a bird’s eye view of a car coursing through a timeless, undefined expanse. Acting as a foil to Greenwald’s established usage of color variation and wonky canvas form, this new piece evokes the interior of one's psyche – in this space there is no indication of time or place, only the luminous trail of the headlights and the constellations of the inner world.

The works in this exhibition expand on Greenwald’s Night Car series with an emboldened clarity and depth, revealing a deliberate progression in his exploration of visual perception, where the interplay of light and shadow, color and form, becomes a journey into both the scientific and the personal realms. These works serve as portals to expansive worlds, challenging the viewer to navigate the familiar contours of reality alongside the potential of the unknown.