Years ago, when I curated Swedish painter and public artist EKTA into an exhibition at Urban Nation in Berlin, his work was like a play on the buff and the marks of accidental purpose. He wasn't a figurative artist, really ever, but he had glimpses of bodies and spaces mixed with a graffiti style of letting marks take the lead. His murals were abstract, and his gallery work took the same direction. He was working in painting and textiles, color mapping and color blocking just as his murals appeared. Now, he is back with a new exhibition, THE EXTREME DIMENSION OF A WELL-DEFINED BOUNDARY LINE, on view at Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg.

There are moments of figuration here, not overt, but you can begin to see something coming through his color and shapes. He seems to be looking at his domestic spaces, creating works that are obscured by memory but also structured as architectural. He is looking at time, portraiture and the face and creating something exciting, loose and immersive. —Evan Pricco