When artmaking steps away from realistic representation and releases itself from the rules of tangible reality, it enters the infinite sphere of imagination and innovation. Works created with such approach are fueled by the urge to create and explore this obscure realm through experimentation of both the visual and technical aspects of the creative practice. Whether with abstraction, going back to "naive" or "bad" painting, simplifying imagery to barely recognizable forms, allowing the materials to lead the creative path, the artists working in such manner at some point stopped "giving a damn" and boldly entered the unknown territory.

Marian Cramer Projects in Amsterdam has teamed up with curator, writer, and contributing editor of Juxtapoz magazine, Sasha Bogojev, for an exciting group exhibition that will celebrate the beginning of Summer and hopeful restoration of everyday life's energy. DontGiveADamns is an eclectic selection of 18 international artists whose creative practice carries the "f**k it!" attitude at some level. Whether approaching the rendering of their visuals loosely, being purposely careless or sloppy about the technical aspect of their work, or resolutely trying to not fit in any existing genres, DontGiveADamns are embodying the textbook "creative free spirit" to the fullest.

DontGiveADamns will be presenting new original works by Rhys Lee, Joji Nakamura, Lung, Picardo Mario, Heidi Ukkon, Erkut Terlikaiz, David Noro, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Derek Aylward, Felix Treadwell, Charles Shedden aka Owvbics, Wayne Horse, Marti Sawe, Pelucas Pilas Bubbles, Nabeeha Mohamed, Hunter Potter, Antwan Horfee, Evgeen Čopi Gorišek, and Jordy Kerwick.