A few weeks back, we shared a story on a Sam Friedman print series released with Louis Buhl and, today, we are excited to share a preview of Friedman's newest solo, Days of Kindness, on view at Dio Horia's residency and exhibition space in Mykonos, Greece.

Always one of the most beautiful and sought-after locales covered in the magazine, the Dio Horia space just brought down a show with Javier Calleja. Friedman's show will coincide with a solo show from Spyros Aggelopoulos and a residency show by Joakim Ojanen.

From the gallery: 
In the poem Days of Kindness (1985), Leonard Cohen reminisces his life on the Greek island of Hydra in the 1960s and his affair at the time with Marianne Ihlen. It is a poem full of the warmth of a summer evening illuminated by the moon, candles and oil lamps (there was hardly any electricity on Hydra back then), echoing the tender feelings of a relationship that in the meantime has come to an end. In Sam Friedman’s exhibition, a setting sun, rippling water and blades of grass stand as reminders of the unequal relationship between humans, nature and time. Being an artist with a strong sense of tradition and the history of his medium, Friedman situates himself in an almost timeless artistic practice, where repetition, dedication and a meditative state are essential for its existence. His paintings require a slower pace and calmness, putting an emphasis on smooth rhythms and frictionless motion. This is also why Friedman loves painting the same subject repeatedly: we must imagine him not as a human-machine that mechanically reproduces the same images, but as a Japanese potter who dedicatedly throws the same vase again and again for years, in a constant search for simplicity, perfection, and lightness.

The show will be on view through August 23, 2019.