The understandable cancellation of Art Basel Hong Kong back in early February was a harbinger for the global avalanche of postponed art events to come. We’ve chronicled the various ways artists have adapted to the times, and are also noting how galleries are carefully redefining openings. With that, we're happy to see our friends from Case Studyo create their curatorial debut at art and design concept space WOAW, introducing a solo presentation by Cristina Banban.

2020 continues to be an important year for the Barcelona-born, Brooklyn-based artist who recently opened a solo show Tigre y Paloma at 1969 Gallery in NYC and now introduces herself to Hong Kong. The compact selection of big works on canvas and smaller works on paper provides a perfect and provocative view of a practice that celebrates human relationships and interaction. Though social distancing precludes us from the unbridled revelry within the frames, the joy and emotion find their away beyond the frames and make a connection—which is Banban’s plan all along

By further exaggerating the physical features of her subjects through loose, expressive gestures influenced by anime and expressionist aesthetics, Banban achieves the feeling of the monumentality of her subjects. Harmoniously mixing the real and imaginary, she is creating scenes that speak of social expectations, norms, and values of society, especially in regards to femininity and life in the tech era. With a strong accent on bulging muscles, oversized limbs, hands, and fingers, often literally cramped inside of a format, her tender takes on "big friendly giant" are representing the everyday emotional clumsiness we're experiencing, heightening the sense of drama and humor that comes in the same package. —Sasha Bogojev