Mirus Gallery San Francisco debuts David Choong Lee new solo exhibition, Chakras, a large collection of contemporary abstract paintings that dive into the subconscious energies, natural order, futuristic landscapes and the unknown. Join us for the opening reception Friday November 19, 7-10pm.

Behind the concept of Chakras exists the theory of a cosmos or a universe existing inside one's own body.  Similarly, each painting is known to hold its own ‘aura’ or unique special time and place in space.  For over five years , David Choong Lee has been in his studio working and reworking his abstract paintings, looking into each one of them for a special energy.  This dedication has evolved into an extensive new body of work. Always working on artworks simultaneously, David unveils more than 25 paintings that he feels hold the right energy at the right moment.  

bout the artist: David Choong Lee is a contemporary abstract artist born and raised in Seoul Korea, based in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1993. As a traditionally taught painter in classical realism, David’s style has evolved over many years of extensive exploration. His works are now influenced by natural order, elements of physics and mechanics. San Francisco and the artists of the area, David claims to be his greatest inspiration. His work is driven by collaborating with other artists, especially within The Furtherrr Collective, a team of artist friends he’s been working with since the early 2000s.