Gabe Langholtz has been looking a lot. Noticing. We talk about still-lifes a lot on this site, and many times we are talking about observation. Because that is at the core of good art, the way we observe and process the world. Gabe is a still-life painter in the traditional sense but also contemporary in the subject matter. The Austin-based painter is looking at Guston and the color work of Agnes Martin and turning it into his own vision and his own version of what its like to be inside in 2022. They are quietly stunning works, that of addiction and a tired world that also has so much to take in. —Evan Pricco

As Hashimoto Contemporary notes of the artist's first solo show with the gallery, "Beneath its pulp-novel aura, Can You Feel When I Vandalize Your Heart, is an exploration of desire, addiction, and the psychological effects of familiarity, sprung from the artist’s newfound awareness that nostalgia pulls on our heartstrings unapologetically and with increasing frequency over the course of time. In this collection of work, a series of episodic evocations in paint tantamount to the writings of Charles Bukowski, Langholtz serves up intimate images of objects and incidents as emotional triggers for the dewy-eyed and pandemic weary."