Almine Rech Brussels is pleased to present More, Brian Calvin's sixth solo exhibition with the gallery, on view through May 28, 2022.

Brian Calvin is an artist whose methods are both modest and expansive. For three decades he has pursued the representation of the human figure – mainly faces, mainly women. Within these self-imposed parameters (which, of course, he periodically abandons) Calvin has created a body of work that is at once elusive and familiar, winsome and affecting, historically referential and stridently contemporary.

Calvin’s exhibition More follows his last with Almine Rech, which was titled More Days – itself a play on the title of an exhibition early in Calvin’s career simply called Days. Every picture by this artist builds on its precedents, both within his oeuvre and within the canon of Western and global art. He is an artist who, in his own words, sees painting as “a long game.” —Jonathan Griffin, writer and art critic