Andrew Schoultz is comfortable embracing scale. Whether small paintings or major installations, he creates a place where his art inhabits its own universe. We love that about him. Whether works simmer with political undertones (like his signature nautical works) or dazzle in digital aesthetics as in his installation works, Schoultz sets sail in exciting directions. His newest solo show, Bastion, opens in Paris at Galerie LJ from October 19—November 23, 2019.

As the gallery notes, "Schoultz's work does not present references to singular historical events, but rather explores a collective unrest, which comes from disparate global affairs and stories such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the 2016 US election, the rise of China as an economic giant, natural disasters, the throes of recession in the United States or even the fall of the Persian and Roman empires. In his mixed media on paper or on canvas, notions of war, spirituality and socio-political imperialism are recurrent themes, paralleled by an equally repetitive contemporary pursuit of accumulation and power."