Joseph Gross Gallery currently has their latest Group Show with Ivan Alifan, Ronit Baranga, Jesse Draxler, Peter Gronquist, Jean-Paul Mallozzi, Tahiti Pehrson, Nathan Louis Valensky, Dave White and Nathan Wong. This collection of work focuses on capabilities and juxtapositions between objective and non-objective works. The abstracted works of Nathan Wong, Jesse Draxler and Tahiti Pehrson’s have a complementary relationship with the figurative works of Jean-Paul Mallozzi, Dave White and Nathan Louis Valensky.

With Ronit Baranga and her surrealist sculptures as a centerpiece of the group show, we have divided the exhibition space by balancing between the portrait/figurative paintings of Ivan Alifan and the geometric paper cut abstractions of Tahiti Pehrson. This exhibition also highlights the process work of Jesse Draxlers through his "Basket Ball" drawings and an example of the ever-popular infinity mirror work of Peter Gronquist. When viewing this exhibition one experiences a balance between form, color and subject.